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Barrell Hall

Originally constructed in the early 1940s to house The Pennway Oil Company, Barrel Hall – like all of its counterpart buildings at Pennway Point –was a key outlet that helped develop our great city over the past 100 years. DAVINCI KC brings Barrel Hall back to life as a central gathering space with a collection of some of KC’s favorite and most authentic food and beverage brands.

Barrel Hall is the heart and soul of Pennway Point. As the central connector to all venues and operations in development, the 6,000 SF venue is free of columns and boasts abundant natural light and a beautiful, exposed timber framed “Barrel” ceiling. The energy created by the space and its vendors truly sets the stage for the entire development. With seating for over 100 inside the Barrel Hall and another 100 people in The Smoke Shack, Barrel Hall is the perfect spot for a casual mea and a unique space to host a private or corporate event, all while providing a historical element to the site that cannot be recreated.

Barrel Hall will house:


The venue is ideal for grabbing KC’s best BBQ, sausages, beer and whiskey in a space curated to bring a modern touch to a historic KC building. 

Attached to Barrel Hall is The Smoke Shack, Chef J BBQ’s live working smokehouse, where viewers can see the magic of the renowned KC BBQ joint. This wood timbered canopy was built with 100-year-old reclaimed timbers from another building on site; adding to the story of historic preservation and reclamation that you will find throughout the development. The 6,000 SF all-season space is perfect for enjoying an afternoon or evening away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of Pennway Point.

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